In this dynamic presentation, we explore "The Recruiting Flow," a comprehensive roadmap tailored for residential assisted living home owners seeking HR and leadership guidance. We delve into six key pillars essential for nurturing a top-tier team in this specialized field: Employer Branding, Workforce Planning, Strong Job Descriptions, Screening & Interviewing Strategy, Authentic Onboarding, and Recruitment Success. Learn how to establish a distinctive employer identity, chart a vision for your workforce, cultivate transparency through meticulous job descriptions, identify exceptional talent, showcase your culture, and sustain recruitment effectiveness while staying compliant with industry regulations. Gain the tools and insights needed to excel in HR and leadership for residential assisted living, ultimately driving success and excellence within your organization.

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Powerful HCM & Payroll Technology 

  • Applicant Tracking Software 
  • Electric onboarding 
  • WOTC automation (tax credits for you)
  • E-Verify 
  • Payroll Tax & Compliance 
  • ZayZoon on demand pay 
  • Full HRIS 
  • 401k integration

Comprehensive HR Support 

  • Employee Handbook 
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Best HR Practices  
  • Employee Safety Manual 
  • Proactive Compliance Support 
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World Class Support and Service 

  • 3 hour response time window 
  • dedicated specialists 
  • NO 1-800 number, speak to a live person every time
  • dedicated HR Advisor 

Special Industry Pricing


  • Implementation:  75% Discount 
  • HCM/Payroll: 25% Discount 
  • HR Services: 45% Discount 
Featured Sponsor and Speaker at RAL NAT CON 2023
Scott and Michelle

"Crescent and empact hr have helped us ensure we are compliant in not only payroll but more importantly our whole HR program, protecting our investment, and creating a culture where employees want to work. empact hr has allowed us to focus on growing our business. Partnering with them has been worth our investment."


Scott & Michelle Lovitt, PharmD - Owner and Operator

Audubon Care Homes 

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HubSpot Video

Richelle Chategnier

Sr. HCM Sales and HR Consultant


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